Everyone is a Reader


I so often hear people say “I wish I was a reader” or “one day I’m going to become a reader.” We all have things like this in our life. I’ve always wished as an adult I was “a runner.” And we do have limits. I’m not here to say we can all be all things. But I’m am pleased to tell you that reading isn’t one of them and that if you are reading these words you are a reader!

I feel fortunate that I’ve loved reading  from an early age but I’m a firm believer that just because that may have not been the case for you doesn’t mean anything about your life as a reader now and what it can become.

Research shows that, give or take, how many minutes you read a day equals how many books you’ll read this year. So what if you just shoot for two? Read two minutes a day and you’ll read two books this year you otherwise wouldn’t have. Or maybe you already do that but really want to read more. 60 minutes a day would be roughly 60 books this year. Think about all the things we would know that we don’t know now!

Go for it.

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