My Summer in The Hamptons


Summer is winding down. Each year at this time we find ourselves gearing up for a new school year, the Q4 madness when you work in retail, and what always feels like a whirlwind last half of the year. 

For me this time is also the winding down of a maternity leave and basing most days on the changing needs of a growing infant and a growing business. Adjusting as their demands do. Tonight we'll take one more trip to the farmers market in East Hampton and grill its harvest by the pool. Tomorrow we'll see some our best friends for some rosé and our last summer round of our favorite card game, and soon we'll start packing up.

I’ve released more prints and tears this summer than ever before. On so many different fronts and for varying reasons and in different color-ways and themes and expressions and it’s been one of my most beautiful, challenging, favorite summers ever.

Our company tagline is Live Well. Celebrate More. Travel Often. This summer I feel like I've lived up to that in the simplest yet most significant of ways. It's sad to leave, and yet what we're planning for the rest of the year from a company standpoint has me chomping at the bit to get home and started on it all. 

I shope you too have made lasting summer memories and we can't wait to share the rest of the year with you.

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