On Dad Jokes + Learning Levity


Every time we pass by a field of hay my husband Greg gets the attention of our kids, points and in a surprised tone says, “Hey???” as if someone just stole his last bite of dessert. We all roll our eyes. Every single time.

His jokes could use some work but what he (and they) have taught me over time is that kids need lightness and levity – particularly from their parents – far more than we realize.

When we have to have a serious conversation with one of our kids I am ready, my talking points planned out, already heading in to whatever private room the conversation will take place. Then Greg will says let’s play pickleball or swim with them first then we’ll talk.

And sure enough every time they are more relaxed, more open and everything is held a little lighter but no less effectively.

I think I was pretty much born serious. And when it comes to parenting (and running a business), I am so focused on what needs to be done or isn’t going right or how a goal gets achieved that I can so easily miss the forest for the trees.

So I am trying to lighten up when I can and certainly at home learning that there will never be a shortage of lists and lessons and things we implore our kids to listen to. But some days maybe learning levity - and a few bad dad jokes along the way - is what they (and we), need above all else.

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