Wall Paper Instructions

Installation Instructions

Proper surface preparation is essential for a quality installation. Follow these instructions for installing wallcovering on painted drywall. Hanging on any other surface will require different instructions.
• Walls must be smooth, clean, dry, and free of mold, mildew, grease, or other stains.
• If you are installing over existing paint or primer, make sure that the paint or primer has good adhesion to the drywall surface. If freshly painted, make sure to allow 72 hours for the paint to cure to the wall. While any high quality primer will provide a good hanging surface, we recommend two products from experience:

o Benjamin Moore Fresh Start Latex Primer

o Sherwin-Williams Multi-Purpose Latex Primer
• Any mold or mildew on a wall may be an indication of a moisture problem. The mold itself must be removed from the wall and any moisture accumulation sources must be corrected before proceeding with installation.
• Any wall irregularities should be corrected with either spackling or drywall compound then primed and sealed before application of wallcovering.
• Wall stains and marks such as ballpoint ink, grease, lipstick, crayon, marking pens, or inks must be removed from the wall.

Adhesive Selection

• There are many types of wallcovering adhesives, each formulated for various performance characteristics. These characteristics fall in three general categories:

o How they bond the wallcovering to the wall surface.
o How they apply to the wallcovering - this is a major consideration for the installer. o How easy they are to clean up

• Adhesives vary in level of wet-tack, solids, open-time, strip ability and ease of application. All wallcovering adhesives contain a biocide system. These systems are designed to prevent bacteria contamination and mildew / fungal infestation both "in-the-can" and in the dried adhesive. Wallcovering adhesives are generally applied on the back of the wallcovering either by roller or pasting machine.

• Clear Adhesives are generally considered to have more open-time and are easier to clean up than clay based adhesives. Clear adhesives are designed for both the retail customer and commercial installer. We recommend Zinsser®-Plus Sure Grip Heavy Duty Clear Adhesive, a product of the Rust-oleum Corporation for easy installation and quick clean up.


• Apply adhesive to the back using a pasting machine or roller. Work the adhesive to cover the back completely, especially near the edges. Fold each end forward, pasted sides together, aligning edges carefully so they do not dry out. CAUTION: Do not crease wallcovering. Allow to "relax" or book for 6-8 minutes. This will allow the adhesive to penetrate the wallcovering fabric which is important for successful installation.

• Do not install wallcovering unless a temperature above 65o degrees F is maintained in both areas of installation and storage for at least 48 hours prior to and after installation.

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